About Us

The Tri-Community Adult Learning & Literacy Association (Tri-CALA) assists adults in improving basic literacy and language skills to improve their employment and educational opportunities, to have access to relevant and credible information and to make informed choices that affect their quality of life.


Learning at Tri-CALA is through one-on-one tutoring with our specially trained volunteers.  The focus of learning is to build on the skills and strengths that learners bring with them when they start – and all adult learners have skills, talents and experiences that they bring with them!   Learners tell us about their goal for learning and we teach the skills and knowledge they need to work towards that goal. Many learners who come to Tri-CALA have goals related to improving work-related skills, gaining access to further education or career training, or enhancing literacy and communication skills for daily life.


How does tutoring work?

A new learner is matched with a tutor and together they choose a meeting time that is suitable for both of their schedules.  Tutors and learners meet once a week for up to 2 hours at one of the local libraries in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove or Parkland County. 


Tutors teach basic reading, writing, numeracy (math) and English language skills.   Learners can also join one of the small learning groups to get extra reading or writing instruction.  English language learners can join the Learning English class to get extra language instruction.  There is no cost to learners for tutoring. 


Learners receive a free library card from their local library. 


Tri-CALA is one of 72 Volunteer Tutor Adult Literacy programs across Alberta that are funded by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education to support the literacy and language learning of adults.


To become a volunteer tutor, or to register as a student, please contact the Literacy Coordinator.



Contact us to find out more.  (780) 591-3355



Our programs are funded by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education.